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you know they a fuckboy if theyre all “no karate in the pit!!!!!!!111”

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Fall Out Boy - Nobody Puts Baby In the Corner

"Keep quiet. Nothing comes as easy as you.
Can I lay in your bed all day? I’ll be your best kept secret and your biggest mistake. Humunuhnauhpeminishafailure everyday”

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Anyways jag panzer is still the rawest power metal band to exist

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Like all I do is flirt w ppl. That’s how I’ve literally walked on to jobs. That’s how some of my best friendships started. Flirting is my game


i love and recognize plunderphonics as a legit genre gladly but it will take a gunshot to my loved ones to make me say anything nice about vaporwave

are you trying to say aesthetic isn’t music????

man I always bomb interviews whenever an older dude is the one interviewing me

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I think about this song a lot